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Ageratum ‘Blue Horizon’

I’m not sure how long it will last, but I’m thankful that some seed companies are still selling ageratum ‘Blue Horizon’. It’s one of my favorite back row anchor plants, and the lavender color blends so well with just about … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal: Zinnia ‘Park’s Picks Purple’

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A Bright Spot

As I mentioned yesterday, many of my plants are currently serving as a salad bar to ravenous Japanese Beetles. The zinnias are no exception, but there are a few blooms that have been left unblemished like this ‘Big Red’ zinnia: … Continue reading

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More Beetle Mania

The ample rain we received this year turned my flowerbeds into a Japanese Beetle playground. For the last several years their numbers have been waning, but this year’s crop has been record-breaking, and it reminds me of those years when … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal: Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’

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‘Star of Yelta’ for Eternity

Morning Glory ‘Star of Yelta’ doesn’t take “no” for an answer.  I haven’t planted seeds for this morning glory in more than 10 years, but every year it sneaks up on me somewhere. I think the flowers are pretty. I … Continue reading

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More from My “Year of the Dianthus”

All of my dianthus plants have had a spectacular summer. I recently raved about my Jolt series favorites—‘Pink Jolt’ and ‘Cherry Jolt’—but I don’t want to leave out ‘Neon Rose Magic.’ I’ve written about this one before, but it’s such … Continue reading

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Double Dose: ‘Kentucky’ LA Lily

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Fun with Daylily Names: Wedding Day Edition (v2)

‘Please Say Yes’: ‘White Perfection’: ‘The Reverend’: ‘Captive Audience’: Save

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Daylily Revival

It was so good to see some of my favorite daylilies blooming like crazy again this summer thanks to my massive dividing project. Hello ‘Lavender Exaltation’! And ‘Ivory Edges’: And look at this beautiful display from ‘Apricot Symphony’: Save Save

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