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Brown and Crispy

After 30 days with only a few drops of rain, we finally received a half-inch on Wednesday night. Unfortunately it’s too late for many of this year’s flowers. I was away for 10 days and couldn’t keep up with watering, … Continue reading

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Sure Signs of Spring

The first crocus flowers appeared this weekend but the flowers didn’t open all the way because it was rainy and cloudy: And my Sedum ‘Neon’ plants have already started growing happily, insulated by a blanket of leaves: It’s been a … Continue reading

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Pick a Season

The Climate Prediction Center is promising a warm and wet meteorological spring (March-May) for our area. So far March has been, in a word, whiplash. On the first day of March we got a record snowfall for the date—3.7 inches, … Continue reading

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In the Mood for Spring

My neighborhood is going to get a little touch of spring fever this weekend with temperatures in the mid-50s. In the mean time, I’m sharing some photos I took at a local arboretum a few years ago that will get … Continue reading

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I Control Spring (or So I Tell Myself)

Every winter I get a little overly-excited when it’s time to place my flower seed orders. Part of it is a power trip. If I can coax some seedlings to life inside my house when it’s still 3 degrees and … Continue reading

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Blue Friday?

Next Monday is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year for many people. I peaked too early. I’m in full winter doldrums mode already. Maybe staring at some flower photos will cheer me up. Save

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Winter Stomps in

The first snowfall of the season is usually pretty gentle, so it’s usually not too difficult to ease into the chill and the wet and the shoveling. This year’s entry was more of a whiplash affair. On Saturday the grass … Continue reading

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November Strong

It’s almost mid-November and the nighttime temperatures still haven’t dropped low enough for a heavy frost or freeze in my backyard. I didn’t rip out my annuals yet because the birds are still eating seeds from the flower heads, and … Continue reading

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The First Junco

Every year I keep track of the “firsts” in my yard. I’m quirky that way. This time of year I record the date of the first snowflakes that tumble from the sky. In very early spring I’m excited to record … Continue reading

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A Stroll Through the Arboretum

The sweet-smelling lilacs and crab apple blossoms were bounced around by numerous bouts of wind and rain this spring, so the window for enjoyment was rather brief. On a day with more clouds than sun, a friend and I spent … Continue reading

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