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More from My Wacky World

As I’ve mentioned previously, I use Water Wigglers in all my birdbaths. Agitating the water attracts more birds, and it also discourages mosquitoes from laying eggs. The little part that moves the water around looks like this: The other day … Continue reading

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Ready to Spring into Action

I came home last week to find a strange cat in my backyard ready to pounce. He was staring down a chipmunk who was frozen in place about 10 feet away. The two stared at each other for about 3 … Continue reading

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My New Owner

Willis has been my garden buddy for several years, but now there’s a new kid on the block. Meet Louie: Louie appeared out of nowhere a few weeks ago. He snuck up on me when I was moving my flats … Continue reading

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Furtive Feline

This is Willis. He’s our neighbor’s cat, and he thinks he’s a dog. He lives with several other cats and two labrador retrievers. When our neighbor takes the dogs for a walk, Willis trails behind on the sidewalk like a … Continue reading

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