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Up Close and Personal: Goldenrod ‘Golden Baby’


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These Easy-to-Grow Perennials Attract Pollinators Like a Magnet

Pollinators like bees and beetles and butterflies are being threatened by habitat loss, pesticides and diseases like Colony Collapse Disorder. You can help them by planting pollinator-friendly plants in your yard. Here a a few of my favorite pollinator-magnets: Allium … Continue reading

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‘Wichita Mountains’ Closes out the Season

The grand finale perennial of my growing season is always goldenrod (Solidago) ‘Wichita Mountains.’ The bright-yellow, upright flower plumes don’t start opening until mid-September and continue blooming until a hard frost or freeze. The plants grow 24 to 36 inches … Continue reading

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Late-blooming ‘Fireworks’

I’m relieved that my mystery plant was not a giant weed. In late spring I bought a goldenrod (Solidago) plant that I thought was ‘Golden Baby’. I already have several of them growing in different flowerbeds, and I like them … Continue reading

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Three Late-Summer Stars

I hate to admit it, but the gardening year is winding down. Many of the perennials are done for the season. Some will rebloom, but the second show is never as spectacular as the first. There are three types of … Continue reading

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