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Garden Dud: Sedum ‘Touchdown Teak’

I had great hopes for sedum ‘Touchdown Teak’. At the nursery the plant captivated me with its beautiful, dark-red foliage. Teak is supposed to be able to handle cold, drought, heat, poor soils and even humidity. It sounded like the … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Helen

I wanted to love ‘Helen Shooter’, but after putting up with a less-than-stellar performance in my garden for the last five years, I finally gave my plant up for adoption last summer. ‘Helen Shooter’ has huge 7-inch, light-pink flowers that … Continue reading

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Garden Dud: Zinnia ‘Queen Red Lime’

I wanted to love Zinnia ‘Queen Red Lime’, but it turned out to be the worst performer in my garden in 2009. Its description was promising—maroon flowers with an eye-catching lime green center. I sprouted them from seed indoors and … Continue reading

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Garden Dud?: Petunia Supertunia Raspberry Blast

I saw Supertunia Raspberry Blast at a garden center last spring. There was a hanging basket in full bloom and it was absolutely stunning. I’ve never been more excited about a petunia before. Obviously I wasn’t the only one smitten … Continue reading

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Garden Dud: Veronica spicata ‘Fairytale’

I always get suckered in by Veronica spicata plants. There are many cultivars to choose from with lovely blue, purple, pink or white spikes. They sit all innocent in their pots at the garden centers with bees buzzing happily around … Continue reading

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