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Up Close and Personal: Chubby Cheeks

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Chomping Chipmunks

I’ve been bamboozled by chipmunks. They made a mess of my planters this year, but they left my lilies untouched throughout the entire summer. That lulled me into a stupor, and I decided it was okay to order some replacement … Continue reading

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I Have Seen the Enemy

Something has gotten into the chipmunks this year. I don’t know if there are too many of them in a small area, or if they are still recovering from the long winter and are low on food sources, but they … Continue reading

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Nothing says trouble like a chipmunk with its little button-nose full of mud:

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Stocking the Larder

Chipmunks should be snoozing away this time of year, but I’ve got a feisty one that pops out of his winter den anytime the temperature gets above 20 degrees (F). That’s highly unusual. Perhaps he senses that we’re about to … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

I have a good-sized flock of juncos in my yard these days, but the energetic little birds are still battling chipmunks for any seed that falls to the ground under the feeders. Chipmunks hibernate for the winter, but they don’t … Continue reading

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I’m pretty sure the rodents are messing with me. There are three concrete steps leading to our front door, and every day I have to watch out for a hickory shell on the second step. The shell is big enough … Continue reading

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When Nature Attacks (again)

The rabbits and chipmunks are going to be my undoing. I figure the critters have damaged or destroyed several hundred dollars (if not more) worth of lilies alone. I was so excited about all my Orienpet and LA Hybrid lilies … Continue reading

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Unhinged Animals

I have a theory that the drought has caused all of the birds and critters in the neighborhood to go a little crazy this year. As I type this, there’s a crow chomping on road kill that he carried to … Continue reading

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New Game Idea

Are you familiar with the game, “Hungry Hungry Hippos”? Players maneuver a plastic hippo’s mouth in an attempt to scarf up as many marbles from the center of the game board as possible. I’d like to present an updated idea … Continue reading

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