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The Omen

We’ve always had crows in our neighborhood, but we usually only see them flock together to mob a hawk or mourn the loss of a family member. Lately there’s been a murder of crows hanging out regularly in the tops … Continue reading

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It’s a Wacky World

I’m having a little trouble wrapping my head around this one. On the same day when there were gargantuan rabbits thundering through my yard, I pulled out chunks of fish fillets from my birdbath. What’s more strange? That one of … Continue reading

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Fine Dining

I’m used to finding baked goods in my birdbaths or strewn about my lawn courtesy of the crows (and the neighbors who throw food out the back door that attracts not just crows but all manner of unwanted-in-the-city creatures like … Continue reading

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Unhinged Animals

I have a theory that the drought has caused all of the birds and critters in the neighborhood to go a little crazy this year. As I type this, there’s a crow chomping on road kill that he carried to … Continue reading

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Food Fight!

On Wednesday I went for a walk with a winter vest on and no mittens, hat or scarf. The temperature was 53 degrees which is just wacky for Wisconsin in January. Up until that point we had received 4.4 inches … Continue reading

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I’m ashamed to admit that it took me over a week to figure out what was emptying my bird feeder so quickly. Eventually I caught someone the act. I should’ve known: Fortunately crows are extremely smart, and I’m able to … Continue reading

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Cantankerous Crows

I could hear a crow screaming outside my window the other day, but I couldn’t see him in any of the trees or shrubs. That was my first clue that something wasn’t quite right. My second clue was a mad … Continue reading

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Olympic Ski Jump…Crow Style

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No Matter Where You Look…

…there’s more snow (including 6-12 more inches tonight, another 3-5 on Saturday night and several more inches with a third storm early next week). Those of us who didn’t buy snow blowers because we thought it couldn’t possibly be as … Continue reading

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CSI: Backyard

I was outside filling the feeders a few days ago when I noticed some strange markings in the snow. I studied them for a few minutes and finally realized what I was looking at. Earlier that morning 2 crows had … Continue reading

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