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The March of the Seed Catalogs

I’m slowly getting buried in 2017 seed catalogs, but I’m nowhere near ready to figure out what flowers and vegetables I want to order. Usually I make notes throughout the growing season in a garden journal so I have some … Continue reading

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There’s Always Next Year

On a scale from 1 to 10, I give this growing season a 4. There are numerous reasons, but the biggest one is that July was just plain rough. We got several whopper storms with winds that shredded my plants … Continue reading

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In the Land of Giants

I’m feeling very small in my backyard these days because some of my plants have decided to go all Jack in the Beanstalk on me. The Orienpet lilies next to our screen porch are almost 7 feet tall. I can … Continue reading

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This Summer’s Bumps in the Road

Gardeners (and farmers) always face plant-growing challenges based on weather conditions and which wildlife and insects are currently thriving or struggling. Usually by late June I’ve got a pretty good handle on how the rest of the summer should play … Continue reading

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It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the garden right now. While we are officially running a slight rain deficit there have been many wet days lately. Some of my perennials have grown like gangbusters to the shock of some of their … Continue reading

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Tough Guys

The killing frost has come and gone, but some of my plants are still blooming. The biggest surprise is Daylily ‘Stella in Yellow’. It was the first daylily to bloom in my garden in late spring, and now it’s also … Continue reading

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Three Late-Summer Stars

I hate to admit it, but the gardening year is winding down. Many of the perennials are done for the season. Some will rebloom, but the second show is never as spectacular as the first. There are three types of … Continue reading

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Only A Few Gems

It’s that quiet phase in the garden when the spring bulbs and flowering shrubs are done showing off, but most of the perennials and annuals haven’t quiet yet started blooming. I’m getting antsy. I do have a handful blooms to … Continue reading

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Flower Power

I’ve never thought about it before, but added up together my mom and my sister and brother-in-law and I grow well over two thousand annual flowers each year. We start most of them from seed, but we do supplement with … Continue reading

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My Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are all the rage right now. Garden centers are stuffed with adorable 2-inch potted plants and tiny furniture, garden tools and gnomes. There are classes and even books you can buy on the topic. My sister gave me … Continue reading

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