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My blueberries were very productive this year. For the first time I was able to enjoy a small bowl of berries every day for a couple of weeks. ‘Dwarf Northsky’ has been growing in my yard for six years. The … Continue reading

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Sharing the Harvest

Our ‘Autumn Brilliance’ serviceberry bushes are full of ripening fruit, and the birds are having a feast. Fruit eaters like robins and Gray Catbirds visit often to pull the tasty red and purple berries from the branches. I’ve even seen … Continue reading

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Round Two

My birthday presents are producing fruit again, and so far the chipmunks haven’t been able to get at the brilliant-red berries which are nestled behind two layers of fencing. That’s too bad.

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A Preponderance of Produce

I’m still thrilled with our CSA shares, and I haven’t felt overwhelmed with produce like I feared I might (although we are splitting the shares with another household so maybe that’s why). We get a new box of organic vegetables … Continue reading

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The Beetles Have Landed

The party had to end sometime. Yesterday I discovered the first Japanese Beetles in my yard. Only time well tell how beastly they will be this year. In the mean time my roses seem to be the biggest attraction. At … Continue reading

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Berry Time

The blueberries that I should have trimmed off my new ‘Chippewa’ blueberry plant are starting to ripen. I like my blueberries a little tart, so I’ve been picking them and stuffing them in my mouth before they’re truly ripe. They’re … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal: Farmer’s Market Strawberries

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Strawberry Wars

I was very excited to receive a pot of strawberry plants for my birthday from my sister and family. One of the plants even had a green strawberry on it. I placed the pot inside a ring of wire fencing … Continue reading

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Blueberry Bonanza

I’ve planted several blueberry bushes over the years, but the one that has performed the best is ‘Dwarf Northsky’. I fenced it in with chicken wire when I originally planted it in 2008, and the bunnies have never been able … Continue reading

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Flashy Blueberries

For an all-too-short period of time, the leaves on my ‘Northblue’ blueberry plants turn a fantastic shade of red in the fall:

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