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Up Close and Personal: Borage


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Beneficial Borage

The week before Thanksgiving I discovered some little blue flowers peeking out at me from one of my flowerbeds. It’s been such a mild fall that my borage plants set seed and the new plants not only survived a freeze, … Continue reading

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Let’s Hear It for the Volunteers!

Some of my best-looking flowers this year are volunteers. I don’t remember the last time I planted ‘Indian Summer’ Rudbeckia in this location, but this summer they popped up as if they’d been growing here all the time: Several borage … Continue reading

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The View from Back Here: Borage

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A Taste of Summer

I bought a tiny basil plant at the farmer’s market in early fall. I wanted to see if I could grow it in my sunny south-facing window over the winter. So far the experiment has been a grand success. My … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal: Sage

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A Savory Surprise

So far I’m really enjoying my CSA share. After only a couple of weeks, I’ve already cooked and enjoyed 5 new-to-me vegetables including Black Spanish radishes, over-wintered parsnips and ramps (I drew the line at nettles). But you would’ve thought … Continue reading

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Lemon Thyme

I grow a few herbs in pots each summer and one of my favorites is lemon thyme. Just brushing against or massaging the leaves releases a wonderful lemony fragrance. But I don’t plant lemon thyme just to rile it up. … Continue reading

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Plan B

All of the anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) plants I started from seed last year survived winter and came back this spring with a vengeance. They are perennials that I grow as annuals, so it’s not uncommon for them to reappear, … Continue reading

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Mud Has Sprung

It’s been very cloudy and foggy lately, but with temperatures in the 40s and flirting with 50, the snow is melting very quickly. When you think of spring, images of tulips and lilacs may come to mind, but first we … Continue reading

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