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Garbage Fiends

I’ve been trying to figure out what critter crawls into our city garbage cart at night and tears through all the bags. This has been going on for months. The cart is 4 feet tall with a heavy lid on … Continue reading

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More from My Wacky World

As I’ve mentioned previously, I use Water Wigglers in all my birdbaths. Agitating the water attracts more birds, and it also discourages mosquitoes from laying eggs. The little part that moves the water around looks like this: The other day … Continue reading

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Unhinged Animals

I have a theory that the drought has caused all of the birds and critters in the neighborhood to go a little crazy this year. As I type this, there’s a crow chomping on road kill that he carried to … Continue reading

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Crazed Coons

I use Water Wigglers in all of my birdbaths. These battery-powered gizmos agitate the water which attracts birds, and that moving water also discourages mosquitoes from laying their eggs. My Water Wigglers have an evil aggressor, however. In the mornings, … Continue reading

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Little Horror Flick

We have a beautiful Bur Oak tree outside our bedroom window. At 3 a.m. this morning it sounded like a horror movie was taking place inside its branches. I’m pretty sure I incorporated the first few minutes of screaming into … Continue reading

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