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A Trick to Beat the Starlings

The Red-breasted Nuthatches that arrived in our neighborhood last month are still hanging around the bird feeders. I hope that means they’ll be staying for the entire winter! Nuthatches eat peanuts, sunflower seeds and suet. Unfortunately, those are also the … Continue reading

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A Bit of the White Stuff

The first snowfall of the season is officially in the books. Light rain turned into giant snowflakes early on Saturday morning. It snowed for about an hour and completely covered the grass, but by late morning it had all melted. … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, Nuthatches!

My overcapacity-crowd of goldfinches and Red-winged Blackbirds finally moved on, so yesterday I decided it was safe to fill the birdfeeders again. Before I was finished hanging up the peanut feeder, a Red-breasted Nuthatch tried to land on it. I … Continue reading

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First 90+ goldfinches arrived and emptied my tube feeders about every 2 days. Goldfinches usually feed exclusively from the tube feeders, but there were so many birds that the overflow decided to eat seed from my platform feeders instead. I’d … Continue reading

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Staying in Tune with the Outside World

It used to give me cabin fever to keep my windows closed for months in the winter or during hot spells in summer when you need the air conditioning to think straight. I always thought that I was missing the … Continue reading

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October Migration Fallout

A strong storm system moved through on Monday night bringing rain and very gusty winds that lasted into Wednesday. The storm must’ve wreaked havoc on fall migrating birds because when I opened the shades on Tuesday morning, there were goldfinches … Continue reading

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Colorful Cardinals

I know winter isn’t far behind when the Northern Cardinals start showing up at my feeders in groups again. During the breeding season the birds are territorial, but in the winter they often gather together in small flocks. Over the … Continue reading

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The Birds Say It’s October

I’m having a hard time believing it’s October already. But then I hear the White-throated Sparrows whistling as they hop through the grass and leaves looking for seeds. These adorable sparrows stop in for a few weeks every fall before … Continue reading

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My Birds Have Peculiar Tastes

As we transition to fall there are always surprises at the birdfeeder. The other day I did a double take when I saw a flash of orange on my peanut feeder (the fishing line is to deter House Sparrows). This … Continue reading

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I’ve added several bird species to my lifetime birding list in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to spot a Dickcissel for several years now, and this year they have descended on the area in large numbers. My … Continue reading

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