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Roaming Petunias

My ‘Tidal Wave Cherry’ and ‘Easy Wave Lilac’ petunias like to meander out of their pots and through the lattice fence that surrounds our patio. Save Save

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A Bevy of Blooms: Daylily ‘Jersey Girl’


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In a Purple/Lavender Mood

My daylilies have put on a great show this summer. Some of my favorite cultivars are ones that showcase purple and lavender (and sometimes hints of blue) flowers. Here’s ‘Lavender Blue Baby’: And this is ‘Swallowtail Kite’. It’s a very … Continue reading

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My Favorite Orienpet Lily

When my ‘Belladonna’ (which means “beautiful lady”) Orienpet lilies start blooming in mid-July I barely get anything done because I’m too busy snapping photos of those gorgeous yellow flowers. Unlike some of my other Orienpet lilies which can get as … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal: Oriental Lily ‘Cherry Splash’


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Dianthus ‘Cherry Jolt’

Last year I grew AAS-winning Dianthus ‘Pink Jolt’ and loved it. The plants were well-behaved and such a refreshing burst of new color in mid-summer. This year I sprouted ‘Pink Jolt’ again, but I also tried its sibling, ‘Cherry Jolt’. … Continue reading

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‘Zambesi’ Love

While I don’t particularly like white flowers, Orienpet lily ‘Zambesi’ has really stolen my heart: Save Save

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Double Dose: Shasta Daisy ‘Banana Cream’


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Daylily ‘Kent’s Favorite Two’

‘Kent’s Favorite Two’ is an older daylily cultivar registered in 1988. The bright-red flowers have a flashy yellow throat and appear on 26-inch-tall scapes. Planting ‘Kent’s Favorite Two’ next to yellow or gold flowers really draws out that bright-yellow throat. … Continue reading

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Asiatic Lily ‘Night Flyer’ Endures

Asiatic lilies don’t tend to live very long in my yard. I’m happy if I get a couple of years out of them before the chipmunks dig up the bulbs or rabbits gnaw on the flower stems until the plants … Continue reading

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