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A Bevy of Blooms: Thinking Spring

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Redpolls Return!

It’s that time of year when you need to check those finch feeders carefully. From a distance you may think you’re seeing goldfinches or Pine Siskins, but grab those binoculars to be sure because there might just be a Common … Continue reading

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There’s More Than One!

The giant possum has a relative. On Saturday morning I looked out the kitchen window and there was a much smaller possum eating all the seeds that were exposed once the warmer weather melted all the snow. This guy is … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal: Daylily ‘Now and Zen’

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The All-Clear

The hawks or the owl or a monster or whatever it was that was causing all the birds to go into hiding lately must be gone, because it’s business-as-usual again in my backyard. Yesterday the Mourning Dove gang even showed … Continue reading

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Is It Spring Yet?

It’s time for me to start organizing my seed packets and deciding how much of each type of flower I want to sprout this year. This is the time I always dig through my photos for inspiration.

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Peeking Petunias

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Another Beetle Chore

I love daylilies for the reliable color they add to my flowerbeds each summer. And, they are so incredibly easy to grow. But for the last 10 years it’s really been the Orienpet and LA Hybrid lilies that I most … Continue reading

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Where Did All the Birds Go?

For the last few days in a row I’ve had no birds at my feeders which has never happened to me in more than two decades of backyard birding. Someone in the neighborhood has been posting on a social media … Continue reading

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Double Dose: Zinnia ‘Zahara Double Fire’

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