Zinnia Dreamland Red

For years one of my go-to annuals has been Zinnia ‘Dreamland Red’. If I couldn’t find seeds for this beauty, I would probably break into a cold sweat.

These short, sturdy zinnias are one of my favorites for the front row of my flowerbeds. The plants grow 12-14 inches tall and bloom from June until a killing frost which sometimes means they give me 6 months of blooms!

Dreamland zinnias grow in a bushy clump and unlike my beloved Profusion zinnias, they never get floppy.

The bright-red flowers aren’t bothered by pests or diseases (except the occasional bout of powdery mildew) and butterflies love them.

You can plant ‘Dreamland Red’ with warm colors like oranges or yellows, but they also look fantastic with purples like ageratums or asters.






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2 Responses to Zinnia Dreamland Red

  1. gbsfan says:

    Hi Em. I purchased some dreamland coral seeds this spring after seeing our post about them some time ago. I must say you were right, as these flowers are absolutely amazing! The plants are covered in blooms, and the flowers are gorgeous. I ordered them from parks seeds, and as I am in Canada they cost $10. to ship, plus the cost of the seeds! I must say I will do it again though. They are so worth it. I was going to send you a picture but not sure if I can do it here. Is there a way to send you a picture?

  2. Em says:

    Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad to hear you had great luck with Dreamland Coral! I put some in a pot this year and didn’t know what would happen but they were just as happy and floriferous in the pot as they are in the garden! But wow, $10+ for you, that’s a commitment! I’m glad they weren’t duds!

    Unfortunately I don’t know of a way for you to send me photo without posting my email address (and then I’ll just get spammed to death). But I’ll ask my more tech-savvy friend if she has any ideas. 🙂

    Thanks for reaching out!

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