Back to the Waves

Every year when it’s time to order flower seeds, I struggle with the petunias. There are so many cultivars to choose from. I write down a long list of petunias that intrigue me, but when it comes time to hit the “checkout” button, I’m usually back to my favorite Wave petunias.

‘Tidal Wave’ is such a great performer. It really does produce waves and waves of flowers:

And for the last 2 years I’ve enjoyed growing ‘Tidal Wave Red Velour’. The flowers have such a nice, rich blackish-red color:

The flowers mound up to 2 or more feet high if they have something to lean against like a fence or wall. Otherwise they spread 2 to 5 feet.

This winter I’m going to sprout both ‘Tidal Wave Silver’ and ‘Tidal Wave Red Velour’ and plant them together next spring. They complement each other nicely.

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