Strawflower ‘Tom Thumb’

by Em
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In 2011 I wrote about adding strawflowers to my flowerbeds “for the first time in over a decade.” Here I am 12 years later trying them again. But this time I grew the shorter-statured ‘Tom Thumb’. Most strawflowers grow 3 feet tall or more, but ‘Tom Thumb’ tops out at about 18 inches tall.

The flowers are supposed to come in shades of yellow, orange, red and pink, but all of my plants are blooming in shades of pink.

The plants are very easy to grow from seed, and unlike the last time I grew strawflowers, I’m pleased with the flower to foliage ratio with this cultivar.

Strawflowers will grow in full or partial sun, and I picked a good year to grow them because they are also drought-tolerant. Deadheading the flowers will encourage the plants to keep blooming throughout the summer.

My only complaint is that the one plant I put in an unprotected area got devoured by a rabbit. I saw it happen but wasn’t quick enough to stop the carnage. The last time I grew strawflowers I mentioned rabbit damage too, so apparently they are a favorite of the little beasts. If you have lots of rabbits in your neighborhood, you might want to protect your plants.

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