Some Early Spring Color

by Em
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I don’t usually pot up spring plants (too much hassle for such a short growing season), but I went to a garden center last weekend to find a specific-sized flower pot, and I just couldn’t resist these cheery little violas.

This is ‘Penny Yellow’:

a photo of a yellow viola blooming

And this is ‘Sorbet Deep Orange’:

a photo of orange violas blooming

I thought they would look good together so I put them in a shared pot on our front patio which faces north and gets partial sun this time of year.

Our high temperatures have been bouncing all over the place this spring. It seems like one minute we’re shoveling snow and the next minute it’s 80 degrees.

Violas don’t like it when the temperature gets above 70 degrees (F). They may die back or flower less. Hopefully there are enough cool days coming up in the next month that they can put on a nice little spring show. Once June arrives I’ll move them to a bare spot in a flowerbed and see what they do in the warmer temperatures.

A photo of orange and yellow violas blooming in a pot

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