The White Goldfinch Returns

by Em
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I love this handsome little leucistic goldfinch. He visited our feeders all winter long and was probably safer from the Cooper’s Hawk than many other birds because he blended in better with the snow. I haven’t seen him since March.

This spring his feathers came in with more yellow pigment so he’s a lemon yellow American Goldfinch, but without the black cap.

A photo of a leucistic America Goldfinch.

This is what a male usually looks like:

A photo of a male American Goldfinch.

As I’ve mentioned before, leucistic birds are lacking the correct amount of pigment in their feathers, but their eyes, feet and beak usually look normal for their species. This is different from an albino bird that would also have pink or red eyes, beak and legs.

He’s as feisty as ever, and he appears healthy.

A photo of a leucistic American Goldfinch warning off other birds.

I hope he continues to visit our feeders. It’s fun to be able to recognize an individual bird.

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