Feelin’ Like Fall

by Em
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This week overnight temperatures have dropped another 10 degrees compared to last week, and trees are starting to show their fall colors.

I stopped watering my annuals a couple of weeks ago and we had a dry spell, so things are getting pretty brown and crunchy in most of my flowerbeds. And the first mention of frost is in our weather forecast for later this week, so it won’t be long before ALL my flowers are done for the season.

Right now there’s still some color out there. I’ve continued to water my perennial mums which are in full bloom and also my sedums which attract honeybees and other pollinators.

And they are looking a little more tired these days, but I’m also continuing to water my Preciosa zinnias that I grew in pots this year. I’ve seen several Monarch butterflies visiting the flowers on sunny afternoons, and Monarchs need all the help they can get.

Even my lone surviving rose is sending out some farewell-for-the-season blooms:

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