One Last Blast of Summer

by Em
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The birds have been very quiet recently. It’s not breeding season anymore, so there’s no reason to waste energy singing. But over the weekend we were treated to several days in the 70s(F) and some of the migrating birds gathered in flocks in the neighborhood trees and chattered away.

Especially loud were the Red-winged Blackbirds and American Robins.

We decided to grill burgers for what we assume will be the last time this season. My husband was sitting outside tending to them and eventually asked me to come outside to listen to all the birds. “It sounds like spring!” he said, and he was right.

The rabbit had to compete with the scurrying chipmunks for any seeds being dropped from the feeders. The chipmunks will hunker down for most of winter, so they are gathering as many nuts and seeds as they can while it’s nice out. Soon Mr. Rabbit will have the place to himself again–well except for the moles, voles, shrews and raccoons.

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