Pansy ‘Fizzy Lemonberry’

by Em
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The weather has been so wildly unpredictable this spring (tornadoes in February, snowstorms in late April, for example) that I decided to fill my annual planters with something that could handle the extremes.

Pansies can tolerate temperatures in the upper 20s (F) but also thrive when the mercury hits the 70s. I purchased ‘Fizzy Lemonberry’ pansies in late April and put them in my little planters that will eventually hold short zinnias during the summer months.

A photo of a planter full of yellow and purple pansies
A close-up of a yellow and purple pansy in bloom

These cheery yellow and purple blooms appear on plants 8 to 10 inches tall.

a photo of pansies in bloom

They are adding a little flash of spring color to our front walkway.

I even had a few plants left over that I tucked into one of my partial-shade flowerbeds.

A photo of a pansy in bloom in a flowerbed

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