Garden Winner: Heuchera ‘Snow Angel’

by Em
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I haven’t written about a garden winner for quite some time now, but Heuchera ‘Snow Angel’ deserves accolades.

Heucheras took the gardening world by storm about a decade ago with scores of cultivars sporting leaves in many shades of green, red and bronze. I tried about a dozen different varieties over several years, but most of them didn’t survive winter or became shadows of their first-year glory.

As I was walking up our steep driveway last week I noticed ‘Snow Angel’ happily blooming away, and I realized this plant has survived more than 10 years in my yard in a north-facing location that gets full sun during the hottest part of the late afternoon.

‘Snow Angel’ grows 12 to 15 inches tall with coral-pink-colored flowers.

When I joined the heuchera craze, I noticed the plants had a tendency to heave out of the soil each winter so I would have to dig a hole and put them back into the soil so their roots would be protected. I don’t recall ever replanting ‘Snow Angel’.

The lovely variegated leaves stand out from a distance as well.

This heuchera grows in full sun to partial-shade in Zones 4-9 and deserves to be called a Garden Winner.

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