‘Heartstrings’ Lily

by Em
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Lily ‘Heartstrings’ blooms with cheery raspberry-red flowers that have a contrasting yellow throat.

A photo of two LA Lily 'Heartstrings' flowers in bloom

I’m glad to see these lilies blooming because there was a shipping delay last fall and by the time I got them in November it had snowed once already and there was frost about 2 inches into the ground already.

I didn’t know that until I jumped on a shovel and nearly fell backwards! After a little chipping I was able to find a way in and dig them a nice 6-inch hole. After that we had an unusually-mild winter and I was afraid they might sprout up too soon and get nipped off by a frost or freeze.

A photo of LA Lily 'Heartstrings' flowers blooming
A close-up of LA Lily 'Heartstrings'

LA lilies are a cross between an Easter lily and an Asiatic lily. This cultivar grows 4 to 5 feet tall in Zones 4-8. They prefer full sun but they will tolerate part-sun—they just may lean or need a bit of staking.

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